So I hear you’re putting on an event…?

Knowing you, you’ve probably already thought of everything…

…But have you thought about booking a reliable, professional photographer with years of experience of shooting the dance floors and beyond of nightclubs, free parties and muddy festival sites for hours and hours to document what’s going on?

Maybe your event is a more intimate affair. A significant birthday party with family and friends perhaps, or a works doo for colleagues that might want to remember it, or an industry conference that has taken all year to organise.

Believe me, whatever your event is, I will have some experience taking photos at and documenting something similar. From shooting performing artists from the pit right at the front, to traipsing about from beginning to end capturing the essence of the weekend, to photo booth style static set ups….the amazing variety of the events industry never fails to astound me.

Sure, you’ll be inundated with images from peoples phones posted onto your event’s social media pages. Some of them might actually be pretty good, but what if you don’t get that lucky…?

I offer a range of differently priced packages, starting from half-day or evening attendance to whole weekend or longer if required.

Sound good? Why not drop me a line via the comments box below or send me an email:

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