Are you human?

If yes, then I want to shoot you! I’m looking for local people (Brighton/Hove/surrounding areas) to stand in front of my camera. Fancy it?

My lovely friend Emma was the first to volunteer, but I’m looking for more victims to help update my portrait portfolio.

Please get in touch, either via the comments box below, or email:

Emma.8 Emma.1

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12 thoughts on “Are you human?

    • Congratulations on having a face, Andy!

      You meet the strict criteria! I’m assuming you’re interested in having your picture taken?

      I’ve had a pretty good response, so bear with me. I’ll be in touch asap to start the ball rolling.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

    • Hey Grant.

      Of course. It shall be a pleasure to attempt to creatively interpret your fine visage.

      I’ll be in touch asap.

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